Changes in place since COVID-19

Well Checks

  • We check temps at the door and mid-day, and conduct an overall well check to ensure kids are healthy

  • Exclude anyone with temps at 100.4 or higher for at least 72 hours

Social Distancing

  • Kids are only in common areas one class at a time.

  • Kids sit every other chair at lunch and table time


  • Parents / Visitors must wear a mask

  • Teachers wear mask with children over the age of 2

  • Temps are taken to enter the programming areas

Class Sizes

  • Class Sizes are kept to a minimum by opening more classrooms when staffing permits 


  • Sanitizing more than before, if that's even possible

  • Using Air purifiers in the classrooms at night

  • Tours must schedule and undergo a health check

  • Parents can choose to use a touchless check in if they'd prefer to not touch the fingerprint reader

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