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Dippity Days

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Banked "Dippity Days

"Families will earn a banked “Dippity Day” for every holiday or 'weather day' that SLC is closed (providing it is a scheduled attendance day). If you attend Part-Time, you may use a Dippity Day to add an additional day (at no extra cost); If you attend Full-Time you may use a Dippity Day and we will credit your account if you are absent.

Rules for using Dippity Days:For Part-time students, In order to use your Dippity Days we need to know by Thursday the week before you attend. If you are Part-time, Dippity Days can not be used on a last minute basis as staffing needs to be in place. Dippity Days are tracked in Procare. Your account must be current to qualify for Dippity Days. You will not earn days if your account is past due. You must tell us when you want to cash in a Dippity Day, as some families save them for a vacation. Full Time families can tell me in advance, the day of the absence, or the day of your return, only. If you do not let me know then it will stay in the bank.​ If you are part time and want to use a 'Dippity Day' to add time to your normal schedule, then you would simply let me know that too, when you schedule the extra time, not after. Part time families must schedule extra days by the Thursday before to ensure there is space and proper staffing.

ADDENDUM: You will not earn a banked day once you have given notice, instead you will be charged for only those days you are scheduled to attend that we are opened. If banked days are not used they will clear on the last day of attendance. Let me know if you have questions, or ever want to know how many Dippity Days you have, thus far.

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