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Authorization for Medication

 It's that time of year when we will start to see a lot of medication prescribed. While we have opted to administer medications to make it easier on families, many medications can typically be given at home before and after a child's school day. For example, if a medication is required twice a day or every 12 hours, the medication would be best given at home. Administering medicine to multiple children can be quite tedious so please consider this option when it is appropriate. Of course, by all means, If it is needed during the school day, we are more than happy to administer it.     The medication form is required for all medications (prescribed or over-the-counter). They can be found in the 'forms' section. I have provided it here to save you time at drop off if you'd like to fill it out in advance. If you'd rather fill it out at drop off, we can do that for you, as well.    For the safety of the children, all medications must be dropped off at the front office. Please do not leave medications in your child's backpack. Thank you!

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