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Birthday Celebrations

In case you missed it in the Handbook


Children are able to celebrate their birthdays by bringing in a craft, outside activity or story book for the class. Your child will have a decorated birthday chair at lunch on their birthday and their class will sing to them, however, we continue to ask that outside food not be brought into the building.

Children may give a single, non-edible item to each child in the classroom to celebrate their birthday. Please remember the children’s ages and provide a safe item. We request that parents not send in treat bags for the class due to the concern that items may be dangerous to younger siblings in the home. Consult with the teacher for ideas or suggestions or if you have questions. Providing a birthday treat for classmates is optional and not a requirement of Serendipity.

Why can’t we bring sugary items now and then? If you have ever observed one child after consuming a cupcake or juice containing red dye you know that their energy level rises. Please imagine this energy when a classroom full of children consume these items. Now imagine being the teacher in charge of those children. Please know we all love a treat now and then, but for the safety of our children and their teachers we appreciate your cooperation.

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