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Biting: Parent Communication

Dear Parent,    

No behavior causes as much parental concern as biting because the experience is both  frightening and confusing for ​both ​ children involved. Because the safety and emotional  well-being of all the children at our school are our primary concerns, we feel it is important  that you understand Serendipity’s procedures related to biting. 

  There are many reasons children bite. Sometimes it is related to teething. It might be a  reaction to other children, or it can often be the result of an inability to express feelings.  Children might bite when frustrated or even in the excitement of a happy moment! Helping  a child who bites learn new ways to respond to stress is a challenge for parents, staff, and  other children. We cannot always predict when children will bite; however, our teachers will  try to determine if there is a pattern and do their best to anticipate situations that are likely to  cause children to bite – sharing toys, hunger, fatigue, uncertainty. They will spend extra time  teaching children alternative ways to deal with frustration. We want children to learn that  biting is not acceptable behavior while encouraging the development of appropriate and  positive ways to interact with others.    

We also use sign language beginning in the infant classrooms to increase children’s ability to  communicate non-verbally. Research shows that signing can reduce the biting behavior  that sometimes occurs when children are unable to communicate their wants, needs, and  feelings. Signing, along with the teacher interaction and modeling of correct behaviors, can  help children deal with their frustration and respond appropriately to stressful situations.    

While we cannot always prevent biting, we can work to provide the best possible  environment for your child.  

  • We provide a daily schedule and routine in order for your child to feel “safe and  secure.” It’s important for children to know what to expect. 

  • We strive to provide a calm and nurturing atmosphere with developmentally  appropriate activities to promote children’s health, safety, education, and well-being. 

  • We provide our teachers with specific child development training, positive guidance,  and classroom management techniques, in addition to intensive training on our  policies and procedures for biting.   

At Serendipity, we understand that biting is a behavior related to a young child’s  development; therefore, we focus our energies on helping children learn more appropriate  ways of expressing themselves. We also recognize that parents are an integral part of this  process and promise to communicate with you honestly and in a spirit of cooperation at all  times.    

Karla Carta 


Serendipity Learning Center 

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