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Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Please look for an email from Procare on our behalf. We are transitioning into 'Procare Engage' over the next 30 days. It will replace Brightwheel. I know, I know....but before you get too sad, it does the same thing that Brightwheel does but MORE!

One thing that it will do is use a touch-less check in. You can use Geo-fencing to clock in your child if you'd like when you pull in or scan a QR code with your cell phone. It also is paired to our other software for clock ins/clock outs so it will always be in sync.

Once you download it feel free to message us w/in the app to let us know you are on. The teachers will be training on it but it's so similar to Brighwheel it won't take much time before we are able to switch over.

We will also be sending these Blog updates to Procare Engage, instead of having the Wix app.

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