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Dress Code


Children attending Serendipity Learning Center are actively engaged in learning experiences. All children should be dressed comfortably. We provide many opportunities during the day for active play with projects that include paint, water, play dough, clay, and other “messy” activities. While the teachers will provide smocks for organized activities it is quite typical for spills and smudges to occur during a fun-filled day. Play clothes are recommended, closed toed shoes that children can run in are mandatory for safety. In addition, Crocs are an outdoor shoe and are a tripping hazard on tile/wood. You will be called to bring safe shoes if they come in sandals or Crocs. Jewelry is a safety hazard and will be kept in a safe place if a child wears it to school. We’d prefer they learn NOT to wear jewelry to school so we aren’t put in the position of removing the item.

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