Important May Updates

Just a friendly reminder, that we will be closed for Memorial Day, May 25th. If you are normally scheduled on a Monday then you will earn a “Dippity Day”. If you aren’t sure how they work, you can read about them here:

On May 26th, We will begin our next phase

  1. We will drop off and pick up inside the lobby. We will do this 1 family at a time. You will still need to ring the doorbell, for now.

  2. Due to staffing we are still not able to resume our normal closing time of 6:15 p.m. We had a number of staff members that needed to shelter in place for one reason or another. However, in this phase we are going to open it up to a limited number of children. We will allow 10 children to sign up for the late shift. If you need to have your child/children here later than 5:30 due to your work/drive time, please email, or message us to be put on the list. We expect this to be a short phase. Just a reminder:

  3. 5:30 pick up -$1/min. (unless prior arrangements have been made to stay)

  4. 6:15 pick up -$2/min.


If you prefer monthly billing then we are going to resume that option for June. Monthly billing is calculated by the weekly rate x 4.33 and billed between the 1st and 3rd of the month depending on where it falls. There is a 3% discount for this option. In order to do this, please complete the following form and email or drop it off. In order to begin this in June, it must reach me by Thursday, May 28th, otherwise the weekly billing will run as normal. The top form is new and required by all who are choosing the monthly option, and the 2nd form is the payment form in case anyone needs a new one.

Download PDF • 139KB

Download • 171KB

Thank you all for your support during this crazy time!

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