What's New- Week of 4/6/2020

Updated: Apr 9

As you may have noticed we are set up again outside. The reason for this is because we have opted to follow the CDC guidelines that were just put out to any 'Day Care' still open rather than the DCF Guidelines which allowed families into the lobby. They suggest that parents do not enter the building and we feel like this is best under the circumstances. You may assist your child with hand sanitizer at the door and then we will clock them in and out.

Other changes are listed below:

  • We'd like to ask that when you pack a bag for the week that you leave it here and then we will send things home at the end of the week. (unless there is something that they can NOT live without). We place all their bedding inside an over-sized zip lock bag each day with their name on it.

  • Children are only in their classroom and no longer moved from room to room. This is typically done based on how many children are in the building but in order to limit exposure we are now keeping them in their designated class only with their classmates.

  • Each night/morning we place a commercial grade air purifier in the classrooms after and/or before they are used.

In case you didn't know, changes since March 13th, include;

*Children are in groups of no more than 10; including their teacher.

*Children have meals within their group only, multiple classes do not come at the same time.

*Afternoon snack is typically served outside as the warm temperatures are said to limit exposure to the virus.

* We are not serving a late snack to reserve resources

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