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6 weeks to 12 Months

We utilize Snuza -Go's in this age group until they are old enough to roll over on their tummy. 

We keep them on your schedule until they are about 10 months and then start to wean them into the schedule of the next age group.

This group is emerged into the Infant Curriculum Kit, "Buttercup Babies" featuring Simple Play for Every Day, Safe Hands-On Exploration and Guided Interactions. They experience Sign Language and Spanish throughout their day, as well.

They are able to take a stroll in our quad stroller as weather permits.



12 to 18 months


In the Pelicans classroom, children will thrive while enjoying creative play and interaction in an environment that builds visual and verbal development, physical development, and artistic expressive fun. They will interact in their first Circle Time experience full of signs and songs and learn from theme-based materials from the Funshine Curriculum. They will follow a consistent, structured schedule with their classmates and take one nap in the middle of the day on a nap mat rather than in a crib.  They will also begin to experience the great outdoors as weather permits. 


18 - 24 Months

This group begins to travel to our cafeteria which we call "The Nest" for meals and are able to go to some of the other playgrounds. They continue with their structured schedule with our Funshine Buttercups curriculum.

Their vocabulary words are paired with sign language and Spanish as well as functional signs to promote language. 


2 - 2.5 Years

Our early two year old class is made up of 9 'Little Owls'. They are able to make discoveries using hands-on experiences using our  Funshine Buttercups curriculum.

If parents are potty-training at home, these little ones are here, as well.

Blue Jays

Little Owls

2.5 to 3 Years

Our active Ravens dig deeper into their Funshine Buttercups curriculum which builds enthusiasm for lifelong learning and builds confidence and



3 to 3.5 Years




3.5 to 4 Years

(Potty Trained)



4 Year Olds (JPK)


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